AURION Immuno Gold (Silver) Staining

aurion Aurion develops and manufactures a comprehensive line of the highest quality immuno gold and auxiliary reagents: conventional gold conjugates as well as signature products such as subnanometer Ultra Small immuno gold conjugates, R-Gent SE-EM, an electron microscopy grade silver enhancement reagent and Aurion BSA-c™, an incubation buffer additive for minimizing background. While each product meets its promised quality, the synergistic combination of Aurion's products yields optimum results. For succesful immuno detection experiments: choose for the Aurion method.


aurion Aurion provides high quality workshops world-wide for researchers seeking a firm understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the immunogold/silver staining techniques. Participants bring their own ready-to-use specimens and primary antibodies so that they may learn, practice and evaluate the labeling on-site with guidance.
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The Aurion Method

AURION Products

Aurion is representative of:
Diatome and Electron Microscopy Sciences

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