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AURION: the company
The Dutch company Aurion was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jan Leunissen who has specialized in advanced techniques for electron microscopy and immunocytochemical detection systems for over twenty years. In the early 80’s Dr. Jan Leunissen’s experimental work at the University of Utrecht provided a firm basis for the development and ultimately the invention of ultra small gold conjugates with a subnanometer colloidal particle size. His professional expertise and the firm belief that immunogold technology has a significant and proven potential for problem solving in life sciences research encouraged him to focus his activities in the foundation of Aurion, a research oriented and research dedicated company.

AURION: the difference
Rooted in its founding belief, Aurion continues to pursue its mission for immunogold technology to better serve research needs. The primary driving force for Aurion’s business is a sincere interest in its products and their scientific and technological application potential. Furthermore, Aurion holds a strong conviction that product support is as important as the product itself. It recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive, step-by-step support for the application of all its products to both experienced and novice users. Finally, Aurion values the opportunity to be a partner in your research projects. Step-by-step, Aurion can help you from protocol design to troubleshooting. Step-by-step Aurion can help you make the choices that will make your immuno detection experiments successful.

AURION: the products
Aurion develops and manufactures a complete range of the highest quality immunogold and auxiliary reagents to meet all your needs for immunogold detection experiments. While each product meets its promised quality, the synergistic combination of Aurion’s products yields optimum results. Among Aurion’s unique products is BSA-c™, an incubation buffer additive that has been developed for the elimination of background staining by charge specific competition, subnanometer ultra small gold reagents and R-Gent SE-EM silver enhancement reagents for Electron Microscopy.

AURION: the quality
To ensure optimal reagent performance Aurion employs the highest quality antibodies and binding agents available. All antibodies and antibody fragments have been immuno affinity-purified and immuno cross-adsorbed to reduce cross-reactivity and non-specific reactions to the largest possible extent. Products are monitored at regular intervals to check performance consistency.

AURION: the Custom Labeling Service
Aurion participates actively in research projects by providing researchers with a custom labeling service to design and produce gold conjugates that are tailored for specific research needs. It handles the coupling of gold particles to various primary antibodies as well as a large range of protein and non-protein molecules. The custom prepared products are quality controlled by Aurion according to in-house standards and the activity is checked against antigens or binding agents supplied by customers. The custom labeling service is operated on a “no cure, no pay” basis, except for a small intake-fee (refer to the Data Sheet on Custom Labeling for more detailed information).

AURION: the workshops
Aurion provides high quality workshops world-wide for researchers seeking a firm understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the immunogold/silver staining techniques. The workshop participants are encouraged to bring along their own ready-to-use specimens and primary antibodies so that they may learn, practice and evaluate the labeling on-site with guidance. This educational approach has been well-received by workshop attendees for over a decade.

AURION: the newsletters
Aurion’s research & development efforts are documented in the Aurion newsletters that can be requested by contacting the company’s customer support staff.

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