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Quality and Experience
Over the years the Swiss company Diatome has been the innovator of diamond knife technology. Diatome was the first to introduce and perfect low angle diamond knives, as well as diamond knives for cryo-ultramicrotomy and light microscopy. Only Diatome can offer you 25 years of experience in diamond knife manufacturing and testing!

Knives for specific purposes
Different specimens have different sectioning qualities and thus pose different demands to the physics of the sectioning process. Examples are the developments in resins for ultramicrotomy, progress in cryo-ultra microtomy of cryoprotected and natively frozen biological samples, but also in materials research for virtually all types of materials.
Diatome has recognized this and developed a low angle diamond knife (35°) which gives significantly less compression with for instance Lowicryl embedded specimens. Diatome's technology and technical developments of today allows them to manufacture knives with the highest sectioning capabilities.
The Diatome web site offers most up to date information on the product line. The customer service is at your disposal for any specific cutting problem. It's free!

The objective in resharpening a Diatome diamond knife is to restore the knife to its original guaranteed condition (the same length and that of a new knife). Diatome diamond knives can be resharpened an unlimited amount of times due to the following reasons:

Re-sharpening takes about 6 weeks from the day you send your knife to Aurion.

You can trade in any diamond knife and get a new high quality Diatome diamond knife at a reduced price.

Before delivery each knife, new or resharpened, is subject to extensive testing. Only if its performance is to the highest standards it will be shipped to the customer. Diatome guarantees the knife's cutting ability for accuracy without scoring or compression.

Competitive prices
Top Quality hardly ever comes cheap, but nevertheless Aurion will surprise you with competitive prices. You can download the price list in pdf-format. Please note that mentioned prices are in Euro, ex VAT and applicable for The Netherlands only!

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Features of Diatome knives

  • diamond knives for cryo-ultramicrotomy and light microscopy
  • knives for specific purposes
  • resharpening and exchange service
  • Prices

Diatome flyers

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