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You can send your order via e-mail to: info@aurion.nl or by fax to ++ 31 317 415955.

Most of our products can be delivered from stock. In case of an occasional back order, the time needed for production and quality control will be about three working days. Please notice that all our products are for research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Please note that all Aurion products should be stored at 4 - 8 degrees centigrade. Therefore they will be shipped in polystyrene boxes with a courier service. For a quotation of our very reasonable prices for shipment, please contact info@aurion.nl or m.rosbergen@aurion.nl.
If you prefer your own courier service, just indicate the name of your logistic partner and your account information on your order.

Payment terms are 30 days net. You can also pay via credit card. In that case send us the name of the card holder, the card number and the expiry date in one document and the cvc code in another document (three digits on the back side of the card) by fax: ++ 31 317 415955 or contact us by phone ++ 31 317 415094.

If you order or need a pro forma invoice, please do not forget to indicate:

- invoice address
- delivery address
- your VAT code (if applicable)
- the contact person
- your phone number

If a product does not meet your expectations please contact our product specialist p.vandeplas@aurion.nl. He will determine - together with you - how to solve your problem. When necessary Aurion will replace the product free of charge. You do not have to return the product. 

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