COL-Aurion Colloidal gold based protein Stain


Col-Aurion is a colloidal gold particle based total protein stain, developed for the sensitive staining of electrophoretically separated protein bands on nitrocellulose or PVDF™ blotting membranes. Colloidal gold particles accumulate at the site of the protein bands on the membrane, generating an intense dark red staining pattern. The total protein stain assists in assessing immunoblotting results and to evaluate the effectivity of the blotting procedure.

The negative surface charge of colloidal gold particles is responsible for their high affinity for positively charged macromolecules. This characteristic was the basis for the development of a total protein stain based on colloidal gold.

Product Description
Col-Aurion is a total protein stain consisting of a solution of coated gold particles with an average particle diameter of 15 nm. The staining principle is based on the electrostatic binding of negatively charged gold particles to proteins with a positive charge present at low pH.
A unique feature of Col-Aurion is the use of BSA-c™ to shield off the surface of the gold particles. Destabilization of gold particles that might occur as a result of interaction with detached protein is thus prevented. The strong negative charge of BSA-c™ gives an additional increase in sensitivity of the stain.
Col-Aurion total protein stain has a pH of 3.2 and is ready to use. For removal of surplus of weakly bound protein from the membrane, a 10 ml vial of Tween-20™ is included.

Application Instructions
Detailed information is provided in the package insert.Col-Aurion is a sensitive total protein stain for bio assays, especially nitrocellulose and PVDF Western blots and dot-blots. The protein binding substratum has to carry a negative charge.

Col-Aurion has a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of quality control analysis. Store at 4-8°C. Do not freeze.

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Features of Col-Aurion

  • ready-to-use solution
  • of BSA-c™ stabilized colloidal gold particles
  • for total protein staining on membranes
  • with high sensitivity, no overstaining
  • intense and permanent signal
  • straightforward method
  • economical use

Price Information
600.011 - Col-Aurion - 500 ml - € 120,00

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS or technical data sheet

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