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Aurion Gold Tracers are used to visualize charged moieties in specimens: anionic tracers bind to polycationic moieties (basic proteins e.g. histones, cationic tracers bind to polyanionic moieties (membranes, acidic proteins). “Neutral” BSA coated gold tracers are useful for detecting open connections and tissue damage. Under proper conditions and with suitable microscopical techniques the tracers can also be used to follow cellular events in time.

The AURION Anionic and Cationic Gold Tracers are designed to detect charged areas; the anionic tracers detecting multiple positive charge moieties, the cationic tracers detecting multiple negative charges.

Product description
The AURION Gold Tracers are available in the full range of particle sizes: Ultra Small, 6, 10, 15 and 25 nm. Anionic Gold Tracers are prepared with BSA-c™ as particle conjugated protein. Cationic Gold Tracers are prepared with methylated BSA. AURION Gold Tracers are available in 5 and 10 ml volume packages and are supplied at an OD520nm of 2.0 for the conventional particle size range and at equivalent OD for the Ultra Small tracers.
The products are supplied in PBS, with 15 mM NaN3.

AURION Gold Tracers are also available in bulk and at different optical density if required.

AURION Gold Tracers are shipped containing NaN3 as preservative. If they are intended for use in living organisms, the preservative has to be removed prior to use. This can be achieved either by dialysis or by buffer exchange using for instance a GE Healthcare Life Sciences PD-10 column.

Application Instructions
In order to obtain a positive reaction when using these tracers the following should be kept in mind:

  1. charge interactions are influenced by the presence of ions, di- and trivalent ions being of more influence than univalent ions. The influence is concentration dependent. Binding is stronger in low ionic-strength media.
  2. charge interactions are influenced by pH. The charge of components in the specimen is dependent of their isoëlectric point, below the IEP the charge is positive, above the IEP negative. Significant binding will only occur at a pH at least one to two pH-units higher or lower than the IEP.

Anionic tracers are negatively charged at pH >5
Cationic tracers are positively charged at pH <10
BSA tracers are intended for tracking fine capillaries or connecting spaces in intact tissues.

Aurion gold tracers have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of quality control analysis.
The products should be stored at 4-8°C.
Freezing is not recommended.

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Features of Aurion Gold Tracers

  • Cationic, anionic and BSA tracers
  • available with conventional particle sizes
  • available with ultra small particle sizes
  • for the microscopical detection of: charged moieties, open connections and tissue damage, cellular dynamic events (event tracking)

Price Information 
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Material Safety Data Sheet
AURION Tracers:
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