Kits for EM and LM


There are several kits available, containing either Conventional (gold particle sizes 6nm, 10 nm, 15 nm, 25 nm) or Ultra Small Gold Reagents (gold particle size < 0.8 nm), AURION BSA-c™ and silver enhancement reagents.

Ultra Small Kits

Ultra Small-kit Electron Microscopy
704.002 Ultra Small Kit EM,  containing:

Ultra Small Kit Light Microscopy
704.000 Ultra Small-kit LM, containing
To make yourself familiar with our Ultra Small Gold Conjugates AURION has introduced the starter kit. This kit is sufficient for approximately 50 specimens.

Ultra Small-starter kit
708.000 Ultra Small Starter Kit, containing:

Conventional Kit
700.000 Conventional kit, containing:

Ordering information
Add to the kit of your choice, the product codes of the gold reagents that you want to be included in the kit: for example, if you would like to order an Ultra Small kit for Electron Microscopy, containing one Goat-anti-Rabbit gold conjugate and one Goat-anti-Mouse gold conjugate, you indicate on your order: 704.002 (code of the kit) : 800.011 (Goat-anti-Rabbit IgG Ultra Small) / 800.022 (Goat-anti-Mouse IgG Ultra Small)

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Ultra Small Kit EM

  • for enhanced detectability and sensitivity
  • for the penetration in ultra thin cryosections
  • two Ultra Small Gold Reagents of your choice
  • for pre-embedding labeling
  • for the labeling of at least 330 on-grid specimens
  • for double labeling

Price Information
704.002 - US kit SE-EM - € 477,00

Ultra Small Kit LM

  • best choice for penetration in hydrated sections and slightly fixed cells
  • two Ultra Small Gold Reagents of your choice
  • permanent silver signal
  • high sensitivity
  • compatible with counterstaining
  • for the immuno labeling of 200 slides

Price Information
704.000 - US kit SE-LM - € 398,00
708.000 - US Starter kit - € 105,00

Conventional Kit

  • two non overlapping gold particle sizes
  • two conventional reagents of your choice
  • unparalleled low background levels
  • for single and double labeling
  • for Electron Microscopy

Price Information
700.000 - Conventional Kit -
€ 347,00

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