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Aurion provides high quality workshops world-wide for researchers seeking a firm understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the immunogold/silver staining techniques. Participants bring their own ready-to-use specimens and primary antibodies so that they may learn, practice and evaluate the labeling on-site with guidance.


Newsletter 1 - Optimised immuno labelling using  AURION Blocking Solutions and AURION BSA-c™
Newsletter 2 - replaced by Newsletter 5
Newsletter 3 - In situ hybridization for Light and Electron Microscopy using Ultra Small Gold detection and Silver Enhancement 
Newsletter 4 - The Dot-Spot test: a simple method to monitor immunoreagent reactivity and influence of fixation on antigen recognition
Newsletter 5 - Ultra Small Gold Reagents and R-Gent SE-EM in Pre-embedding single and double labeling
Newsflyer 1 - Background suppression in Immunoperoxidase Cytochemistry using AURION BSA-c™
Newsflyer 2 - part 1: Double label Immunohistochemistry for the separate observation of two antigens using Epi-polarization Microscopy for the Immunogold-Silver technique and Fluorescence Microscopy for the Alkaline Phosphatase Staining.
part 2: A comparison between the Streptavidin-Biotin-Alkaline Phosphatase method and the Immunogold technique using Ultra Small gold particles and silver enhancement.

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