How to control background in a nut shell

Background Is Controlled by Three Independent Steps

1. Low Molecular Weight Block
(before protein block)

Purpose: to inactivate residual fixative e.g. aldehydes, using

2. High Molecular Weight Protein Block
(before immunolabeling)

Purpose: to prevent stickiness to hydrophobic areas and domains with excessive positive charges based on multiple point interactions (high affinity protein binding capacity), using

3. Incubation and Wash solution
(during immunolabelling)

Purpose: to eliminate aspecific binding of immunoconjugates based on hydrophilic interactions ("oligo"point interactions) by competition, using

Abandoning BSA-c™ molecules compete with antibodies and secondary immuno reagents for aspecific binding to positively charged specimen compounds, thus minimizing background.


Please refer to our Newsletter 1 and Newsflyer 1 for more information on the subject of background.
You can find incubation protocols in "The Aurion method" section of this website.

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The Aurion Method

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